Workshop in Jyväskylä

To design a school for the needs of tomorrow has to be done with people who will use the space. Only in this way we can understand what are the real needs.

I did my final work for the new Learning and Guiding Centre of Onerva – the school of Onerva in Jyväskylä. I tried to understand what kind of learning environment would best support the new ways of studying and working. At the moment, the building process is getting closer to the end, which means that the furniture needs to be decided. Like all the steps from sketching to decision-making also the furniture have been selected together with the users.

Before selecting the furniture the school of Onerva had a participatory workshop day in Jyväskylä on March 2014. I was asked to keep a workshop where we brainstormed ideas with teachers. In the end, they are the ones using them, not the architects. My role was to inspire and create the settings for an interesting workshop. Altogether, there were many different kinds of workshops that day all aiming to the same goal: What kind of furniture do we need in the future?