A community of learning enthusiasts

The year 2019 will be the year to build up a community around the learning environment development. With this I mean, to find passionate people, designers, pedagogical experts and developers, who want to change the school cultures and learning environments around Finland. Moreover, to find people, who are eager to find new ways to co-create and co-design those cultures and environments with the end-users and the customers.

The transformation and change towards more motivational, human-centred and compassionate working cultures can be seen both at learning and working environments. This is the direction to aim at. Through pedagogical, learning environment and digital development, it is possible to get there. This needs the commitment from the leaders and the whole community.

The building process, at its best, can work as a catalyst for this change and help to build a learning community who will work towards the common goal.

IF YOU are a learning environment enthusiast either with a pedagogical or design background, let me know (info@juliannanevari.fi)! I would love to meet to discuss the collaboration possibilities!

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