BRIEF: Find possibilities for the classroom of tomorrow based on the existing knowledge. Create concept for flexible and motivating learning space

This work will talk about the possibilities and challenges facing the learning community of this century. Through the future research and the design for all-thinking this work creates new ways to see the traditional learning environment. The aim is to make the change also seen in the spaces and furniture we use.

The theory used in this work is a combination of different articles, research, literature and doctoral thesis based on the learning environment.

The design part of the work will concentrate on creating a concept of the learning space on the base of the research. The concept will be then applied to the new Learning and Guiding centre of Onerva – the school of Onerva in Jyväskylä and it will give an example of the new learning environment.

The main goal is to create an inspirational learning space concept for the needs of tomorrow.

Key words: the Learning environment of the future, Learning space, multisensory, ”Learning by doing”.

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