Call for seminar

How is the learning and working environment changing? What are the things that make you anxious when thinking about the future and learning/working environment?

These were the main themes for today´s seminar of the education department of Helsinki. During the seminar, I was presenting my final work of the opening up of a classroom.

I always get inspired by the seminars that are looking towards the future. Here are some interesting links from the seminar to read and think about. Most of all, to get you inspired as well!  (Warning: some of the links are only in Finnish.)

– A report from the Committee for the future of the Parliament of Finland; Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunnan julkaisu 8/2013: Uusi Oppiminen (only in Finnish).

Jari Hakanen; Työn imua, tuottavuutta ja kukoistavia työpaikkoja? -Kohti laadukasta työelämää 

A time-lapse video of the Minerva plaza (an engaging learning environment in the heart of Helsinki).  This video will show the flexibility within one space.

-A book about success and about the factors behind a successful person: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Here is a link to the review of the book.