I had an opportunity to share my knowledge on the subject about the change of a learning landscape. My interest in this subject has grown since I finished my final work on the same subject last spring. I feel passionate about creating a positive atmosphere of the future.

The course in which I was lecturing was about future studies. The fourth-year and the adult interior design students are designing concepts for the new campus area of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. More importantly, it is on the campus of LAMK moving towards more sustainable and multidisciplinary learning landscape. Read more about the new campus in here.

Here are some interesting links on this subject. Think about the opportunities in the future learning environment and then continue the sentence: it would be cool if…

Steven JohnsonWhere good ideas come from

– Matt Ridley: How ideas have sex

– Tekesin julkaisu 12/2011: Käyttäjälähtöiset tilat, Uutta ajattelua tilojen suunnitteluun

– Työterveyslaitos: Käyttäjälähtöiset toimistotilat (TOTI), Monitilatoimiston suunnitteluohjeisto

– NMC Horizon report Report 2013

To summarize my thoughts I quote the words of Matt Ridley: “what really matters is how smart the collective brain is”.