Key words this year: Experimentation & Innovation

Experimentation is the key to creating innovations. There is definitely a need for a transparent, bold and inexpensive culture of experimentation. Especially in our planning culture.

The Finnish National Agency for Education is trying to answer to this demand. They will open an experiment, development and innovation centre this month which will support the cultural development in the Finnish schools. It will gather the right people together and share the best outcomes forward. I personally, can´t wait to hear updates from the new team of developers.

In general, the agency is trying to find new ways to talk about learning and its environment. For example, this spring they will hold a new, innovative seminar in Helsinki about learning environment. It´s called “Oppimaisemafestivaali 2017”.  This seminar is interesting as it won´t be only presentations after the other but dialogue between experts in this field. Among other learning environment developers and experts, I am asked to be part of this interesting festival.

Read more about the festival in here (Note: only in Finnish).

Read more about the Innovation Center in here (Note: only in Finnish).