“From a school to a learning environment”

On 27th of January, the guide how to develop schools into learning environments was published by the Finnish National Agency for Education. It is written and illustrated by me and my colleague Marko Kuuskorpi. The launching of the publication happened in the fair Educa which is the largest event for the education and training sector in Finland and it was arranged in Messukeskus Helsinki.

The guide is a result of three years of thinking, discussing and writing, how to develop learning environments and what kind of spaces should we aim at.

We believe with Marko, that we can renew the school environments through these four steps:

0- Renew the learning environment as a whole

1- Start by understanding the different goals and motivations for the project, create a shared understanding

2- Create an operational culture which supports interaction and learning together

3-Put the learning at the centre of development and create pedagogical plan and space concept

4- Implement the user-centred approach to the whole process

The structure of the guide is based on those four steps. It visualizes the early development phases and gives an example of how the development could be done alongside the construction process in order to make transformative, future solutions instead of traditional ones. The focus is on the physical spaces. The possibilities for space design in schools are diverse and the guide gives examples on how to develop a concept that supports the pedagogical vision and learning of children.


The guide is at the moment only in Finnish and can be bought in here (link to the online store). If you are interested in hearing more about it feel free to send me an e-mail: info@juliannanevari.fi.

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