About Millenial Board

“Millenial Board is a movement to rethink our future – one company at a time.” – millenialboard.fi

Late last year I met the host of the millenial community in one seminar. She recruited me to be part of their millennial community. The concept is based on the idea of bringing millennials together with companies CEO:s and other management team members. This assembled group of people meet about 5 times and talk about.. well the future? As an outcome, there can be new business or service ideas or even organizational development ideas. I guess the outcome can be anything that the company finds interesting in the conversations.

In my opinion, this concept of Millenial Board is rethinking the way we develop things. I want to be part of this community to see what can it do and what kind of results comes out of the process. However, I haven´t been part of any boards yet but maybe during the year to come.

The millennial community is quite active and they have meetups every month with inspirational speakers. I took part in the first meetup in January where the theme was artificial intelligence and the possibilities that it has. The evening was full of interesting conversations.

Overall, very interesting concept and definitely worthy of looking into. Read more about it from here.

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