Creating vision of the future classroom and more…


I have been quite busy the last year and this is why:

I am working together with principal, Marko Kuuskorpi and we have been creating our vision of the future classroom. This project of ours will be ready somewhere next fall/winter (I will tell more about it then ;)).

If you want to have a sneakpeak of our vision, you should come to the seminar “Tulevaisuuden perusopetus 2016” in Finlandia house on 11th to 12th of October. The seminar will showcase different perspectives for example on these questions: How the new Finnish Curriculum reform will change the everyday life in the schools of Finland? How the new learning methods are changing the general education in Finland? How can change be realised in school cultures?

So, come to Finlandia house on October to listen our perspective and vision. We will concentrate on the learnig environment and different aspects of it. Our focus is in the learning spaces because the classrooms needs updating and because we believe the space can create bigger cultural change in a more effective way.

Read about the speakers and the programme in here (Note: the seminar will be held in finnish).

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Posted: 4.6.2016