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Like I wrote in the last article, I participated to “Tulevaisuuden perusopetus 2016” seminar in Finlandia-house this month (read more about it in here). What did I learn in this seminar? Where is the general school heading to?

Here are some points I want to higlight and share with you:

  • It´s all about leading and the cultural change in schools > Capacity for renewal is vital
  • The development of learning environment should start from the pedagogical vision (=clear vision of how are we teaching in this school)
  • The use of analytics in schools and during learning processes is an interesting idea. Start up like “Claned” uses the information from learning for example to suggest better and more efficient ways to learn. Analytics can make the information visible and help decision making for example during development processes
  • What possibilities does the digitalisation give to the future school? This question creates always a big discussion. I would say that, the key is in the pedagogical development and how to support learning with digital solutions. There is a need for one simple platform for all of the digital solutions out there in order to use them efficiently. In the end, its a question about how the teachers can use these different solutions. The coaching of teachers is very important part of digitalisation.
  • The vision of physical learning environment is result from the pedagogical vision. Or that is how its should be. At the moment there are many open plan environments, but its not all that there is. In my opinion, one space can not do it all. So there should be different kind of environments for different kind of learning situations.

To sum up, we need stronger vision of the future skills and pedagogy that supports them to create innovative spaces for learning. The development starts from the head of school and from there it can spread the will to change around the whole community. In the end, there is a community that shares ideas and develop themselves effortlessly. Not an easy or a quick job, but possible.

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Posted: 29.10.2016


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