Aalto, Here I come!


This spring has been an inspiring one. I have been dreaming of my future and all the great things I could do if I would get in to the Aalto University. Couple of weeks ago it became true as I got a place in the Master´s programme in Collaborative and Industrial Design. Someone might ask, how does that support my career as an interior architect?

As an interior architect, I am interested in the spaces we learn and work in. As a designer and a workplace consultant, I am interested in the ways we actually learn and do work. Moreover, I am interested in the holistic picture of the transformation. In Aalto University I will study for example concept and service design, strategic and co-design as well as design research. Hence, I believe that this programme can create a more holistic overview on this subject.

Let´s see what will happen. Stay tuned!

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Posted: 29.4.2017


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