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I am an enthusiastic designer and a workplace consultant who spends time working as a freelancer and studying at Aalto University. I am focusing on a collaborative, strategic co-design and a design management. I am passionate about problem-solving through design thinking.

E: info@juliannanevari.fi
P: +358 (0) 40 526 0198

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My background

2013 Bachelor of Culture and Arts (Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts)

2013-2017 Workplace Consultant and Interior Architect (KVA Architects Ltd).

2015 Workplace Manager -course (Kiinko)

2017-2019 Master´s programme Collaborative and Industrial design (Aalto University)

Lectures,seminars & workshops / Luennot, seminaarit & työpajat

9.8.2017 Lappeenrannan kesäyliopisto"Koulun toimintakulttuuri muutoksessa" Puheenvuoro "Työkaluja oppimisympäristömuutokseen"

11.5.2017 Nova Schola Finlandia "Teemaseminaari: Motivoitunut oppilas ja oppiminen"

4.5.2017 Opetushallitus "Oppimaisemafestivaali 2017" Puheenvuoro ”Koulusta oppimisen ympäristöksi” yhdessä KT, rehtori Marko Kuuskorven kanssa

17.1.2017 Lappeenrannan kesäyliopisto "Tulevaisuuden oppimisympäristöt" Puheenvuoro "Koulusta oppimisympäristömuutokseen"

12.10.2016 Professio"Tulevaisuuden perusopetus 2016" Puheenvuoro ”Koulusta oppimisen ympäristöksi” yhdessä KT, rehtori Marko Kuuskorven kanssa

1.3.2014 Hifistudion asiakasilta"Sisusta äänellä" puheenvuoro "Tila ja ääni".

28.11.2013 Opetusvirasto, Henkilöstöpäivät “Tulevaisuuden oppimis- ja työympäristöt” Puheenvuoro ”Case: Avautuva oppimistila – Oivaltamo”

15.11.2013 Lahden Ammattikorkeakoulu, Muotoilu- ja taideinstituutti Taustoitus ja tietoperusta -kurssi Luento ”Uusi koulu - uusi oppimisympäristö”.

2014-2017 Lukuisia käyttäjiä osallistavia työ- ja oppimisympäristöjen kehittämiseen liittyviä seminaareja ja työpajoja.

Kysy lisää luennoista, seminaareista, valmennuksista tai työpajoista ottamalla yhteyttä info@juliannanevari.fi tai soita 0405260198.

/ Contact me to ask more about lectures, seminars, coaching or workshops by e-mail info@juliannanevari.fi or by phone 0405260198

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My work

I do design in it´s many forms. I am focused on: Workplace design, Participatory design, Interior design & Service design.

My passion is in the development of the learning environments. I have done my final work in Lahti Institute of design in this subject (take a look) and I am working on the same subject today in different projects around Finland.

Aalto, Here I come!


This spring has been an inspiring one. I have been dreaming of my future and all the great things I could do if I would get in to the Aalto University. Couple of weeks ago it became true as I got a place in the Master´s programme in Collaborative and Industrial Design. Someone might ask, how does that support my career as an interior architect?

As an interior architect, I am interested in the spaces we learn and work in. As a designer and a workplace consultant, I am interested in the ways we actually learn and do work. Moreover, I am interested in the holistic picture of the transformation. In Aalto University I will study for example concept and service design, strategic and co-design as well as design research. Hence, I believe that this programme can create a more holistic overview on this subject.

Let´s see what will happen. Stay tuned!


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Key words this year: Experimentation & Innovation


Experimentation is the key for creating innovations. There is definitely a need for transparent, bold and inexpensive culture of experimentation. Especially in our planning culture.

The Finnish National Agency for Education is trying to answer to this demand. They will open an experiment, development and innovation center this month which will support the cultural development in the Finnish schools. It will gather the right people together and share the best outcomes forward. I personally, can´t wait to hear updates from the new team of developers.

In general the agency is trying to find new ways to talk about learning and its environment. For example, this spring they will hold a new, innovative seminar in Helsinki about learning environment. It´s called “Oppimaisemafestivaali 2017”.  This seminar is interesting as it won´t be only presentations after the other but dialouque between experts in this field. Among other learning environment developers and experts, I am asked to be part of this interesting festival.

Read more about the festival in here (Note: only in Finnish).

Read more about the Innovation Center in here (Note: only in Finnish).


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Seminar coming up


Join me to the seminar on 17th of January in Lappeenranta. The topic is “The future of the learning environment”.

My presentation is based on a on-going book project with Marko Kuuskorpi. In a nutshell, we have created a vision of the future “classroom”. In this seminar I will show how we did it and how anyone can develop their own vision. The title of my speech is Tools to create the change needed in the learning environment.

This topic seems to be very “hot” right now so if you are interested on this, come to listen me and the other experts to this seminar. The program can be found in here (in Finnish).


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Workplace consultancy (a design perspective)


Three years ago, I started working in KVA Architects Ltd in Helsinki as an interior designer. This is the field of expertise that I had studied in Lahti institute of design. However, soon after starting in KVA I found myself working in different workplace projects and even participated in a workplace manager course. I work with architects and designers. Our head of team in the KVA is Ritva Kokkola. She is playing a huge role in mentoring me in this fascinating field of workplace consultancy.

In my opinion, as a designer I can understand the processes of a workplace design project quite well as it doesn’t differ so much from a normal design process. I love to engage users and participants in order to be able to create spaces that serve its users the best possible way. I am blessed to be able to work in projects within schools, laboratories and offices. My biggest passion is in the learning environment development which I have been researching during my studies and also in an ongoing book project.

But what do I actually do from day to day? Let me give a peek to one of my workday’s:

8.30: I started the day in our office where I attended a morning brunch with clients. My role was to speak about the workplace and learning environment developments in schools. As I enjoy lecturing a lot, this was a real energy boost for my day.

10.00: I sat down to our working café, answered some e-mails and had a bite to eat before my next meeting.

11.00: I had a meeting with one of our school-clients. On the agenda, we had the planning of a workshop to the personnel and a discussion on the pedagogical vision of the school.  My role was to present the project situation, agenda for the workshop and visualize their ideas from the last meeting to create discussion. I had made three scenarios of the learning space which will be a starting point to our workshop. We have these so called work meetings every two weeks to involve the user to the process and its development.

12.30 I headed to my home-office, continued planning the workshop for next week and answered some e-mails.

15.30 Before the end of the day, I wrote down a to do-list and three main goals to organize my next week.

Like one can see, my workdays can be full of meetings and co-designing with users and clients. Mostly, my role is to organize and create project schedules, frames for workshops, meetings and seminars. I do a lot of visualization of ideas to create discussion which can mean diagrams, 3D models or summaries. Normally, in these kind of development projects, the end-document is a concept and in some cases also room programme. The best part of my work is definitely the overall participatory design process. This means that I am in contact with the users and we create visions of the future together.


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Greetings from the seminar


Like I wrote in the last article, I participated to “Tulevaisuuden perusopetus 2016” seminar in Finlandia-house this month (read more about it in here). What did I learn in this seminar? Where is the general school heading to?

Here are some points I want to higlight and share with you:

  • It´s all about leading and the cultural change in schools > Capacity for renewal is vital
  • The development of learning environment should start from the pedagogical vision (=clear vision of how are we teaching in this school)
  • The use of analytics in schools and during learning processes is an interesting idea. Start up like “Claned” uses the information from learning for example to suggest better and more efficient ways to learn. Analytics can make the information visible and help decision making for example during development processes
  • What possibilities does the digitalisation give to the future school? This question creates always a big discussion. I would say that, the key is in the pedagogical development and how to support learning with digital solutions. There is a need for one simple platform for all of the digital solutions out there in order to use them efficiently. In the end, its a question about how the teachers can use these different solutions. The coaching of teachers is very important part of digitalisation.
  • The vision of physical learning environment is result from the pedagogical vision. Or that is how its should be. At the moment there are many open plan environments, but its not all that there is. In my opinion, one space can not do it all. So there should be different kind of environments for different kind of learning situations.

To sum up, we need stronger vision of the future skills and pedagogy that supports them to create innovative spaces for learning. The development starts from the head of school and from there it can spread the will to change around the whole community. In the end, there is a community that shares ideas and develop themselves effortlessly. Not an easy or a quick job, but possible.


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Creating vision of the future classroom and more…


I have been quite busy the last year and this is why:

I am working together with principal, Marko Kuuskorpi and we have been creating our vision of the future classroom. This project of ours will be ready somewhere next fall/winter (I will tell more about it then ;)).

If you want to have a sneakpeak of our vision, you should come to the seminar “Tulevaisuuden perusopetus 2016” in Finlandia house on 11th to 12th of October. The seminar will showcase different perspectives for example on these questions: How the new Finnish Curriculum reform will change the everyday life in the schools of Finland? How the new learning methods are changing the general education in Finland? How can change be realised in school cultures?

So, come to Finlandia house on October to listen our perspective and vision. We will concentrate on the learnig environment and different aspects of it. Our focus is in the learning spaces because the classrooms needs updating and because we believe the space can create bigger cultural change in a more effective way.

Read about the speakers and the programme in here (Note: the seminar will be held in finnish).


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A Finnish school in year 2016


This week I visited the brand new Valteri School of Onerva in Jyväskylä. The school was opened on January 2016 and it is a great example of the schools today. The staircase makes the heart of the school together with a restaurant, library, cafe and waiting area. From there you can go to the learning areas for the different teams. In these areas “the classrooms” open up to an open learning environment where the silent rooms are situated. The learning space concept is based on my final work in the Lahti Institute of design (read more about it in here).

The project development was done by KVA Architects Ltd and the architectural design and planning was done by the architect office of Aarne von Boehm Ltd.


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Personal development


I am always eager to learn more and grow in all aspects of life; I practice as I preach :). That’s why I attended this seminar called “Unleash the Power Within” by Tony Robbins last weekend in London. From this seminar I got tools to be just a little bit stronger, resourceful and more powerful. The best part was that I got time to focus on myself.


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Workplace Manager 2015


This week I participated in an education called “Workplace Manager 2015” held by Kiinko (Real Estate Education).

As I am working in the field of workplace management this education is an excellent place to test my knowledge and broaden my horizon. In my work, my role is to understand and create spaces to support the work processes and the strategy. This means that I am part of a bigger picture and it’s important to understand more than just the interior design itself.

With this education, I am looking forward to learn more about managing and implementing change as well as managing people’s commitment to it.

All-together, the education will last one year and I will write more about it later on.


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Workshop in Jyväskylä


To design a school for the needs of tomorrow has to be done with people who will use the space. Only in this way we can understand what are the real needs.

I did my final work for the new Learning and Guiding Centre of Onerva – the school of Onerva in Jyväskylä. I tried to understand what kind of learning environment would best support the new ways of studying and working. At the moment, the building process is getting closer to the end, which means that the furniture needs to be decided. Like all the steps from sketching to decision-making also the furniture have been selected together with the users.

Before selecting the furniture the school of Onerva had a participatory workshop day in Jyväskylä on March 2014. I was asked to keep a workshop where we brainstormed ideas with teachers. In the end, they are the ones using them, not the architects. My role was to inspire and create the settings for interesting workshop. All together, there were many different kind of workshops that day all aiming to the same goal: What kind of furniture do we need in the future?


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